Evan Puschak Illuminates the Deeper Meanings of Art with The Nerdwriter

Art isn’t created in a vacuum — it’s a reflection of the artist’s intent and the world at large, reflecting on differing ideologies, other artwork, shifting societal norms and even more. Nobody knows that better than Evan Puschak, the writer/editor and video essayist behind The Nerdwriter.

For The Nerdwriter, Puschak creates video essays that examine subjects from throughout the art world, from film and television to music, poetry, paintings and more. Basically, he’s interested in anything related to culture, making even the most esoteric subjects interesting an engaging. And his work will actually make you stop to think about the world around you.

Puschak put out his first video for The Nerdwriter back in 2011, and has gained steady acclaim ever since. A 2011 video on The K.I.N.D. Fund landed him a job at MSNBC in New York, and three years later his work landed him a job with The Discovery Channel’s digital network as the writer/host of Seeker Daily. But all the while he continued to create his own work for The Nerdwriter, researching, writing and editing all his work himself as a free expression of his interests and creativity. That dedication clearly paid off, as he now works full-time on the channel, making a living while pushing his passions to the limit.

As Evan Puschak notes, the ultimate goal of The Nerdwriter is, “to cultivate worldview.” “Worldview is a particular philosophy of life,” says Puschak, “It suggests a commitment to the well-rounded individual, to the intellectual life.” With every video, Puschak illustrates the messages and meanings in media and art, showing how they reflect on the world and promoting further analysis and discussion amongst viewers. Not only is Puschak’s passion obvious in every one of his videos, but it awakens your own passion too, showing how closer examination can illuminate new layers to your favorite work.

There are plenty of vloggers and video essayists across the web, but Puschak’s work really stands because of its high quality and the creator’s obvious thirst for knowledge. Puschak is a cultural sponge, soaking in the best from the worlds of art and culture and delivering them to the masses through The Nerdwriter. Thankfully, there’s no end in sight for Puschak’s project. Now that the creator works on The Nerdwriter full-time he’s able to release videos on a weekly basis, and he’s even taking his work out into the real world. Puschak is slated to speak at TedX Lafayette College on April 23rd, shedding light on his creative process.

For a behind the scenes look at The Nerdwriter, check out the video below. And for even more video essays, be sure to visit Evan Puschak at The Nerdwriter on YouTube.