1,200 Hand-Painted Frames Bring Dreamy Music to Life

Composer Ralf Hildenbeutel‘s latest music video brings some serious artistic flair to his dreamy music.

Directed by Boris Seewald, the video for “Disco” is animated with 1,200 individual hand-painted frames, each with a vibrant style all its own. To achieve the effect, the director employed rotoscoping, a technique where live footage is translated into animation with the use of projectors or transparencies, allowing artists to trace over the footage for bold new effects frame-by-frame. For a comparison in the music video world, think a-ha’s “Take on Me” video. With the help of his animation team, Seewald was able to provide new style to live footage of dancers Althea Corlett and Simone Schmidt, with the painterly effect perfectly complementing Hildenbeutel’s flowing electronic composition. There’s no doubt the video would be impressive as just the live dance footage, but the painted style really pushes this over the edge, creating a perfect blend of music and visual art you need to see to believe.

What do you think of this music video? Does the rotoscoped animation work well with the song? Share your thoughts in the comments. And be sure to visit Ralf Hildenbeutel on Soundcloud for more music.

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