5 Famous Movie Houses You Can Buy Right Now

Buying a new home can be a daunting task. There are a million considerations to take into account, not to mention the years of saving up to even be able to afford one. But if you’re in the market for a new home this year, you may want to consider nabbing a celebrity home. No, I don’t mean a home that’s owned by a celebrity, I mean a home that IS a celebrity! That’s right, there are houses out there that have their own notoriety, fans, and history, and you could become the proud owner of one. Here are the top 5 to watch out for in the real estate market:

The Playboy Mansion

5 Famous Movie Houses You Can Buy Right Now
Photo courtesy of Realtor.com

To kick off our list, we have the most famous homes of them all, the Playboy mansion! The luxurious estate has a long list of enviable amenities, including 12 bedrooms, wine cellar, home theater, gym, tennis court, swimming pool, and the infamous grotto. The 20,000 square foot home sits on 5.3 acres, and is one of the few private residences in Los Angeles with a zoo license. Aside from its impressive specs, the house has been a part of Playboy Magazine history since its acquisition in 1971. Since then, it’s been host to a variety of Playboy events, including its annual Halloween party, and its guest starred on a number of movies and TV shows including, The Girls Next Door, Entourage, Sex and the City, The House Bunny and many more! Only billionaires need apply, the asking price is $200 million, and if that’s not enough to deter you, part of the deal is that Hugh Hefner must be allowed to remain on the property until his death. Oh yeah, and no Bunnies for you!

Buffalo Bill’s House (Silence of the Lambs)

5 Famous Movie Houses You Can Buy Right Now
Photo courtesy Realtor.com

If you prefer more modest accommodations, might we recommend the house at 8 Circle St., Perry Township Fay, PA? Built in 1910, this charming house sits on 1.76 acres and includes 5 bedrooms, wrap around porch, high ceilings dual stair cases and a pool. Priced at $249,900, this house sounds like a steal, so why does nobody want it? It might be because one of the previous owners was a serial killer. Well, not a REAL serial killer, but this little house was once home to the notorious psychopath, Buffalo Bill, of Silence of the Lambs fame. In the movie, we saw him lure innocent women into his home where he kept them captive in his soundproof dungeon, complete with pit. Ironically, only the home’s entrance and dining room were actually used in the movie, the infamous cellar of horrors was actually filmed on a soundstage.

Regina George’s Mansion (Mean Girls)

5 Famous Movie Houses You Can Buy Right Now
Photo courtesy of Sotheby’s

If you’re Canadian and would like something closer to home, take a look at this palatial estate at 11 High Point Road, Toronto, ON. Built in 1991, and located on one of the most exclusive streets in Canada, this beautiful home has elegance written all over it. Made famous in the 2004 teen hit Mean Girls, this 5.2 acre mansion has all the usual amenities you would expect: tennis courts, pool, etc.  It’s no wonder that Tina Fey found this locale to be the only fitting home for queen bee, Regina George.

Tony Montana’s Villa (Scarface)

Built in 1906, as a collaborative effort between renowned architect Bertram Goodhue and owner, James Waldron Gillespie, the Scarface mansion was inspired by a yearlong trip to Europe and the Mediterranean. After said journey, Gillespie and Goodhue decided on the concept of a grand Roman villa with Persian gardens. The luxury estate has been tremendously taken care of, with only minor renovations having taken place in the last 100 years. Located in Montecito, California, you’ll have beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands, or you can take a stroll by the seasonal creek and lush garden landscaping. Before you get too excited, just know that you’ll need to fork over $17.9 million for the privilege of owning this piece of history.

The Godfather Offer-He-Can’t-Refuse Mansion

5 Famous Movie Houses You Can Buy Right Now
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Best known as the former residence of William Randolph Hearst, The Beverly House is also known for having hosted JFK and Jackie on their honeymoon. Boasting 17 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms and 3.7 acres of land, the well-known property is steps away from Sunset Boulevard, so you can party on the strip. If you’re having trouble recognizing it, that might be because it was only briefly featured in The Godfather. The estate appears in the first half of the film, and belongs to Hollywood hotshot, Jack Woltz. We get to see the mansion up close when Woltz gives Tom Hagen the tour and invites him to dinner. As we all know, Woltz turns down Hagen’s request that Johnny Fontane be cast in his movie (JOHNNY FONTANE NEVER GETS THAT MOVIE!), only to be greeted with a rude awakening. So as long as you won’t be haunted by nightmares of severed horse heads, this might be the place for you!