Remember How Wes Anderson Movies are Super Violent?

Wes Anderson’s movies are mostly known for their off-beat characters and quirky aesthetic. But this supercut by Dávid Velenczei reminds us that the director is pretty brutal.

In his latest video, Velenczei highlights the violent moments from Wes Anderson’s many whimsical worlds. It’s not all hipster-fueled fun in Anderson’s films. And Valenczei reminds us of that by pulling some of the more brutal moments from films like RushmoreBottle RocketThe Grand Budapest Hotel and more. Oftentimes funny in their brutality, characters are punched, stabbed, arrested, and thrown down stairs in this supercut.

Velenczei’s supercut shows it’s not all  indie fun in the movies of Wes Anderson. Sure, you might run into a guy named “Royal Tenenbaum,” but he could also get stabbed at a moments notice. And the masterful director knows just how to handle those amusingly violent moments.