Get Schooled on E.E. Cummings’ Experimental Poetry

Diving into poet E.E. Cummings’ work can seem pretty daunting, but thankfully we have Evan Puschak, aka The Nerdwriter, to help lead the way.

In his latest video, The Nerdwriter breaks down E.E. Cummings’ poem “[i carry your heart with me (i carry it in],” one of the writer’s most famous love poems. E.E. Cummings is widely considered one of the greatest poets of the 20th century for his ability to capture evocative imagery and emotions in his writing, and for actually challenging the form of poetry itself. Cummings was known for experimental poems that played with punctuation, placement on the page and more to convey new meanings. But they weren’t all just for show, as the Nerdwriter shows. The video breaks down the poet’s experimental style, showing that it actually provides more meaning to his beautiful words.

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